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Case Studies

Bharat Brick Co.

Bharat Brick CoM/s. Bharat Brick Co. is located at village Fatehpur Behera on Derbassi-Barwala Road in District S.A.S.Nagar (Punjab). Mr. Kulbhushan Aggarwal has taken over an ancestral brick making business and has been handling this unit for the last 15 years, producing 50,000 bricks per day.

Shift from moving chimney to fixed chimney design
Following the enforcement of environmental regulations by Ministry of Environment & Forests, Govt. of India in 1998, the kiln shifted from movable chimney to fixed chimney. Mr Aggarwal contacted the Punjab State Council for Science & Technology (PSCST) and adopted fixed chimney design integrated with pollution control device. Being environmentally conscious person, he adopted better feeding, firing and operating practices which eventually yielded fuel saving of about 15%. He was further inspired by the proceedings of international conference on Brick Kilns “ETB-2001” organized by PSCST and TERI in Chandigarh. And after discussion with various machinery manufacturers and PSCST, he decided to switch over from traditional brick making methods to semi-mechanization. He installed an extruder procured from Kerala and started with a production of solid bricks and face tiles with a limited production of 4-5 lacs bricks per annum besides conventional bricks.

Adoption of semi-mechanization for production of perforated bricks and hollow blocks
To improve brick quality and manufacture new products, Mr Aggarwal invested in another extruder with de-airing in 2004. He started production of perforated bricks on small scale and started its marketing from 2005 onwards. Subsequently, he demolished his fixed chimney kiln and constructed more energy efficient high draft kiln in 2009. PSCST provided the technical support and after knowledge sharing with experts, he improved his clay brick moulding process by adding double shaft mixers, box-feeder and conveyor belts in his process line in 2010. Realizing need for more drying area, he shifted his moulding area to new premise and raised a drying shed. Till date he has supplied perforated bricks to a number of institutions in north India such as Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi, World Sikh University in Fatehgarh Sahib, Highland Public School in Dharamshala, Sardar Swaran Singh National Institute of Renewable Energy in Kapurthala, Rajasthan Govt. Building in Sector-27, Chandigarh etc.

Production of machine moulded perforated bricks of Bharat Brick Co.

Year Annual brick production
2009-10 10 lakh
2010-11 14 lakh
2011-12 26 lakh

Some of the challenges faced by Mr Aggarwal while adopting semi-mechanization include:

  • Difficulty in clay preparation and water mixing
  • Breakdown in machinery parts
  • Problems in the finishing of products

He has been continuously into the R&D activity and experimenting with production of perforated bricks. Recently he produced 20-holes bricks in 2010 on experimental basis and a limited supply of 5000 bricks have already been made to the market. He has been awarded by National Gold Star Award from Indian Society for Industry & Intellectual Development for his outstanding performance in innovation brought in clay processing industry. Now he is looking to further upgrade his unit in order to produce Resource Efficient Bricks (REBs) including hollow blocks on large scale.