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Energy Efficiency Improvements in the Indian Brick Industry
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Project Goal and Objectives

The goal of the project is to reduce energy consumption by creating appropriate infrastructure for sustained adoption of new and improved technologies for production and use of resource efficient bricks in India.

The objectives of the project are:

» To demonstrate REB technologies and develop technology models (supply side)

» To build awareness and develop sustainable markets for REBs among various
stakeholders such as builders, architects, individual end-users (demand side)

» To influence government organizations, financial institutions and policy and decision makers
Case Studies

Kusum Brick Field -Case Study

Kusum Brick Field

Kusum Brick Field is located in Hapur, District. Ghaziabad (UP) and is owned by Mr Sanjay Dadoo. Mr Dadoo belongs to 3rd generation in the business. His brick kiln unit has a production capacity of about 50,000 bricks per day with a general brick production season between December to July during the year.



» Stakeholder Workshop on Development of market for Hollow and Perforated Clay fired bricks
8 June 2016, New Delhi

» Awareness Workshop on clay fired Resource Efficient Bricks (REBs)
24 May 2016, Chandigarh

» Awareness Workshop for Architects on REBs
4 December 2015, Bengaluru

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The video shows semi-automatic brick production. While extrusion process is done in machine, the upstream and downstream processes have human interface for handling of bricks in different stages of production. The cost of semi-mechanization units are lower compared to semi-mechanization plants. Play now